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cooking workhops South America

Bazurto’s market in Cartagena, Colombia

Walk the Arts offers art and cooking workshops in France, Italy and Colombia based on a unique method of cooking with color harmonies. Here are past and upcoming food events and clooking classes.


February 17-25 2020 | Colombia Art&Eat | cooking workshop, foodie and art trip | “In an Anthony Bourdain’s kind of local food experience learn the fundamentals of Colombian Caribbean Cuisine… and watercolors…” |to know more…

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Still from ART & EAT

Barranquilla > the book launch | November 23, 2018 |to know more…


In Tuscany > the book launch | June 2019 | to be announced

Florence > the book launch | happened on October 17th 2018 | to know more…


Toronto > to be announced soon in 2019 |

Ottawa >the book launch | happened on October 30th 2018 | to know more…

Montréal > the book launch | December 8th 2018 | to know more…

United States

New York > New York Art Trip | “Since 1993 Walk the Arts has been offering a New York Art Trip Bus tour from Ottawa, an annual event from Ottawa to New York City, devoted to major art museums and the best of contemporary art…” | to know more…

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