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cooking workhops South America

Bazurto’s market in Cartagena, Colombia

Walk the Arts offers art and cooking workshops in Italy, France and Colombia based on our unique method of cooking with color harmonies. Here are our upcoming art and food workshops, cooking classes and past events.


February 19-27, 2020 | Colombia Art&Eat | cooking workshop, foodie and art trip | “In an Anthony Bourdain’s kind of local food experience learn the fundamentals of Colombian Caribbean Cuisine… and watercolors…” |to know more…

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Still from ART & EAT

Barranquilla > the book launch happened on November 23, 2018 |to know more…


Cortona > the book launch | June 2020 | to be announced

Florence > the book launch | happened on October 17th 2018 | to know more…


Toronto > to be announced 2020 |

Ottawa >the book launch | happened on October 30th 2018 | to know more…

Montréal > the book launch | happened on December 8th 2018 | to know more…

United States

New York > New York Art Trip | “Since 1993 Walk the Arts has been offering a New York Art Trip Bus tour from Ottawa, an annual event from Ottawa to New York City, devoted to major art museums and the best of contemporary art…” | to know more…

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